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Our Fees

Consultation Fees

Bronte Medical Centre is a private billing clinic. 
Medicare bulk billing may be available to some patients. This is at the discretion of the GP

Cancellation Fees

If you cancel your appointment within 4 hours of your appointment time, you may be charged $40 - $60, depending on the length of your appointment. Your GP may waive this fee in exceptional circumstances. 


Telephone Consultations  

Short Telephone Consultation - $65
(Medicare rebate $18.95)

Standard Telephone/Video Consultation - $95

(Medicare rebate $41.40)

Long Telephone Consultation - $140 

(Medicare rebate $80.10

Extended Telehealth Video Consultation - $180

(Medicare rebate $118.00)

Face to Face Consultations ☺


Short Consultation - $65 

(Medicare rebate $18.95)

Standard Consultation - $95 

(Medicare rebate $41.40)

Long Consultation - $140 

(Medicare rebate $80.10)

Extended Consultation - $180 

(Medicare rebate $118.00)

Prolonged Consultation - $260 

(Medicare rebate $191.20)

Repeat Scripts and Referrals (at the doctor’s discretion) - $15-$30

Referral (at the doctor’s discretion)

Nurse Practitioner Fees Face to Face and Telehealth

Nurse Practitioner Fees Face to Face and Telehealth

Short consult 0-5 mins = $55 fee ($12.10 rebate)

Standard consult 6-19 mins = $80 fee ($26.40 rebate)

*Children up to 16 years = a reduced fee of $55 ($26.40 rebate)

Long consult 20-39 mins =$115 fee ($50.05 rebate)

Extended consult 40+ mins = $150 ($73.80 rebate)


Iron infusion = $150 for extended fee ($73.80 rebate)

$45 for consumables 


Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash or credit card.
If you have a Medicare card, your Medicare rebate can be facilitated at the time of payment.

There may be some additional costs incurred for other procedures or referred services. (Your doctor will inform you of these costs).


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