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Communications Policy

Telephone Access

The reception staff will advise you when the best time is to contact the GP - most doctors may be contacted during normal opening hours. If the GP is with a patient, a message will be taken and the reception staff will advise you when it is likely that the GP will return your call. In many cases you may need to make an appointment to discuss your concerns with your doctor.  In an emergency your call will always be put through to a GP.

 Email Access

Patients are able to contact the practice and their GP via email.  This service is only for non-medical emergencies and only when the GP determines that a face-to-face consultation is unnecessary.   

 Results of Tests and Procedures

Your doctor will advise you of when to expect results to arrive and how you will be notified.

 Recalls and Reminders

Patients are encouraged to enroll in reminder systems for preventive care and early case detection. We may contact you via sms or letter to remind you about preventative health services appropriate to your care. Please ask your doctor further details.

Patient Email Messages 

Please note, we have recently changed our email system, and for your privacy they are now PIN protected. Your 4-digit PIN is your birthdate, for example, if your birthday is 25th December, your PIN is 2512. 

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