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Our Dietitian Services

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Kimberley Webb

Kimberley is an experienced and compassionate Accredited Practising Dietitian focusing on the support of adults who would like to improve their relationship with food. She has a special interest in body image healing, disordered eating/eating disorders, gut disorders, and chronic disease management. Kimberley is weight-inclusive and takes a non-diet approach in her work.

Kimberley has extensive experience working across multiple inpatient, outpatient and private practice setting where she had worked collaboratively with the client and multidisciplinary team to work toward client centred goals.

Kimberley understands there is no ‘’one size fits all approach’’ and therefore works individually with each person in a non-judgemental compassionate way.

Kimberley is dedicated to continually updating her clinical knowledge through professional development activities, including regularly attending additional trainings to upskill in her practice. She uses evidence-based practice and up-to- date treatment techniques for the nutritional management of all her clients. She is a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DA), Health At Every Size (HAES) and Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED)

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