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Introducing The New Baby & Children's Health Clinic

Updated: Jan 27

We're excited to introduce the new Baby & Children's Health Clinic to Bronte Medical.

Bronte Medical Centre proudly announces the opening of its new Baby and Children's Health Clinic. This specialised facility is designed to cater specifically to the unique assessment needs of infants, toddlers, and young children.

Our Clinic

The Baby and Children's Health Clinic at Bronte Medical Centre provides a warm and welcoming environment for both parents and their children. The clinic is equipped with modern examination rooms and a dedicated team.

Expert Child Health Nurse:

At the heart of the clinic's success is Michelle, the specialist baby and children’s health nurse, and your regular GP who are dedicated to the well-being of every child. With over 40 years’ experience as a nurse, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in baby and child health, ensuring that young patients receive the highest standard of care. Including but not limited to routine growth and development checks, immunisations, sleep and settling, behavioural issues, nutrition, and infant feeding, offering parents valuable support in navigating the various stages of their child's development.

Family-Centered Approach:

Bronte Medical Centre understands the importance of a family-centred approach to child health care. The clinic encourages open communication between parents and healthcare professionals, fostering a collaborative relationship that priorities the well-being of the child. Parents can expect personalised care plans, educational resources, and guidance on maintaining a healthy and nurturing environment for their children. Families can trust Bronte Medical Centre to provide the highest standard of care for their children.

Bronte Medical Centre's new Baby and Children's Clinic, with Michelle, the specialist child and health nurse and your regular GP, is a center of excellence in child health care. Families can trust Bronte Medical Centre to provide the highest standard of care for their children, ensuring a bright and healthy future for the next generation!

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